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23 days ago - Prontera 113, 126 - ~ eng'r.m.santos ~
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5 minutes ago odin
5 minutes ago magni
7 minutes ago crimson spear
10 minutes ago loki
22 minutes ago Elder willow card
38 minutes ago gladius
38 minutes ago glaudius
42 minutes ago Assassin Handcuffs teleport
44 minutes ago assassin accesory
1 hour ago 9 White Wing Manteau ATK 3% Fighting Spirit2 Fighting Spirit2
5 days agoLeisa: hey freaks of nature
4 days agoKris: marduk
4 days agoIsidro: hey guys, which RO does this take reference to? I'm playing on extreme RO, would that be somewhat similar
4 days agoElta: costume
3 days agoPansy: 8=D~>-|o vs o|-<~0=8
2 days agoCasie: how much will it sell. anyone know. i have a 1 slot angelic guard.
8 hours agoMarisol: how is sell is strawberry