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Elven Bow, Costumes, Cards & Stuff !
209 days ago - Prontera 153, 100 - Caermat's Store
x1+5 Kingbird Elven Bow [1]38,200,000z
x1Costume Floating Ice330,000,000z
x1Costume White Drooping Cat15,000,000z
x1Release of Wish4,450,000z
x1Cornutus Card1,480,000z
x1Little Fatum Card1,300,000z
x1Punk Card940,000z
x1Savage Bebe Card775,000z
x1Big Bell Card490,000z
x3Dark Priest Card400,000z
x1Poring Card391,000z
x1Lunatic Egg292,000z

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