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Smokie Card22,504 times
Blue Herb22,409 times
Vitata Card22,230 times
Hydra Card22,070 times
Royal Jelly21,842 times
Kafra Blossom Card21,730 times
Iron Ore21,645 times
Rough Oridecon21,380 times
Holy Water21,251 times
Emperium21,189 times
Stone of Sage21,188 times
Apple of Archer21,132 times
Variant Shoes21,123 times
Alcohol21,075 times
Lunakaligo [3]20,930 times
Coal20,913 times
Mummy Card20,759 times
Pupa Card20,733 times
Whisper Card20,714 times
Yggdrasil Seed20,595 times
White Herb20,480 times
Pirate Dagger20,016 times
Creamy Card19,985 times
Banana Juice19,974 times
Pearl19,970 times
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