Popularly Vended
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Raydric Card105,076 times
Archer Skeleton Card103,723 times
Poison Bottle103,608 times
Coagulated Spell103,581 times
Morrigane's Helm101,776 times
Elder Branch101,570 times
Silversmith Bracelet [1]101,290 times
Old Blue Box101,096 times
Blue Herb100,524 times
Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate100,303 times
Pantie100,166 times
Crimson Katar [2]98,435 times
Thorn Staff of Darkness98,159 times
Speed Potion96,418 times
Soldier Skeleton Card94,995 times
Mystical Card Album93,301 times
Hydra Card92,243 times
CD In Mouth91,753 times
Token of Siegfried Box91,717 times
Temporal Dex Boots91,018 times
Costume: Goggles90,746 times
Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate90,085 times
Blank Card89,739 times
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