Popularly Vended
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Elder Branch98,119 times
Blue Herb96,883 times
Archer Skeleton Card96,192 times
Raydric Card96,073 times
Poison Bottle95,820 times
Pantie95,045 times
Speed Potion92,305 times
Thorn Staff of Darkness90,944 times
Soldier Skeleton Card89,831 times
Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate89,334 times
Morrigane's Helm88,837 times
Token of Siegfried Box86,877 times
Hydra Card86,728 times
Blank Card86,325 times
Coagulated Spell85,928 times
Light Of Cure83,889 times
Crimson Dagger [2]82,112 times
Bottle Grenade80,822 times
Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate80,651 times
CD In Mouth80,429 times
Costume Tarnished Lamp79,443 times
Romantic Leaf79,094 times
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